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With Maximilian (that's the guy in the middle of the picture), a new guitarist has joined Morlas Memoria. On September 15th you can see him live and in colour for the first time at Club Puschkin in Dresden (Germany) together with Xandria, Visions of Atlantis and Ye Banished Privateers.

Rock'n Roll! \m/


Heyho all you dear Morlaners,

after wonderful years of being together, Flo will leave the active live line-up of Morlas Memoria after finishing the still ongoing album production. Unfortunately, he hasn't had much time for concert activities since 2020, so that you could often find us on stage with only one guitar. Since one guitar is good, but two are better, we have recently introduced a new string wizard into our universe, who we will introduce here shortly.

Flo will still be completing the production of the upcoming album as a one hundred percent part of us and will again leave his unmistakable orchestral and guitar stamp. After that, he will remain with us behind the scenes and will certainly not disappear from the Morlas cosmos.

Flo was significantly responsible for the lead guitars and the orchestral and choir arrangements as well as the corresponding production on "Mine Of Pictures" and has brilliantly continued this work with the upcoming record. By the way, he also does excellent solo work, which he has been withholding from the universe for years. 😉

Rock'n Roll dear Flo!!!

Picture by Silvio Pfeifer Fotografie

Shirts now available online!

The shirt for "Mine Of Pictures" is now available in our shop! Until now, the shirt was only available at live concerts.

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