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Concert in Dresden

Christmas - the season of hope - also gives us a hint of being able to hit the stage again in 2021. Therefore, on September 29th Morlas Memoria finally wants to perform in our hometown Dresden again, as part of a support show with Visions of Atlantis, Ad Infinitum, and the drunken pirates of Ye Banished Privateers. There is light at the end of the tunnel! We are really looking forward to it!

Live on September 12th

The Lion Rock (originally scheduled for September 19th) will, unfortunately, be canceled for well-known reasons. In 2021 the next round will follow!
But we have a replacement and are happy to announce that we will play at the "Winds and Woods meets Metal Festival 2020" in Leipzig on September 12th, which is organized by the heroes of molllust in cooperation with the Hellraiser Leipzig. It will be a blast!

We reached the first funding goal

You are glorious! Thanks to your incredible support, we have actually reached the first goal! So one thing is for sure: There will definitely be a new Morlas Memoria album! We are incredibly happy, relieved and excited about the future! Rock'n Roll!

To celebrate the occasion, we actually have one final gift from the days of Mine of Pictures. Therefore we recorded an alternative version of our ballad "Uyulala" and created a wonderful music video for it. Check it out!

Now there are 4 days left until the end of our campaign on Startnext. We want to use this remaining time to push the second goal even harder, because any additional money will improve the final result in all important aspects! Let the world know about our plans once again and look forward to 2021!

Heartfelt greetings to you all

Your musicians of Morlas Memoria

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